Customer Support

Coresio is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction to both end-customers and its direct Partners. Coresio has developed a two tier support model for its partners allowing them to pick and choose what is best for them and their customers.

At the top level Coresio has an extensive Service Level Agreement that is standard for all base services and solutions that Coresio offers. This SLA covers the Datacenter, Platform infrastructure, Virtualization platform and the Coresio plrovoded Operating System level and the entire internal network.

 At the next level Coresio offers a range of Customer Support Ageements starting with the Basic Standard level which is always included in out offerings up to a Platinum level CSA which for example gives access to a 1 hour response time, lower hourly service rates and longer business hours.

All Services are monitored by our staff from the Brussles Network Operations Center.

Customers and Partners have access to Coresio Support staff and trouble shooting experts via a ticketing system but can also themselves monitor their cloud enviroments.